Temperature Controlled Shipping

Ambient, cool and frozen transport between Toronto, Montreal and key U.S. centres

We have a high concentration of pharmaceutical, healthcare and food product customers. For that reason, we have years of experience and a solid understanding of transporting temperature sensitive, high value product.

Reefer technology continues to advance and now includes many features to give our customers added peace of mind. The new reefer systems and specialized reefer trailers do a better job of regulating and maintaining set temperatures throughout the trailer. Temperatures can be monitored and adjusted remotely and detailed analytics reported to our customers.

Full Service Facilities in Both Canada and the U.S.

One of the key reasons we decided to open facilities in both California and Illinois, is due to the high demand for Temperature Controlled and Dry Goods shipping, as well as freight consolidation requirements. As our client base grows in pharmaceuticals, healthcare and grocery products, we see this segment of our business becoming an even more significant part of our overall service offering.